What Are The Python Certifications You Need To Get?

The need for computer programming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is gradually increasing. All of these require complex programming, and that’s why more people are moving toward becoming certified professionals. Anyone looking to learn more about programming concepts ideally wants to start with Python programming. That’s primarily because the Python programming language is relatively easy to understand.

  • Last section explores Python’s library of pre-built modules and advanced features related to working with web data.
  • For more information about training materials, practice tests, as well as self-study and instructor-led courses, please visit the Study Resources section on the OpenEDG Python Institute’s official website.
  • However, the difference between newcomers and experts with advanced Python skills is certifications.
  • Excellent videos and interactive teaching methodology adopted.

The major concepts were taught with ease and in lucid language, along with real-life projects. In this edX Python class you will explore data types and variables, take a look at strings, input, testing, and formatting. You will also learn about arguments and parameters, along with conditionals and nested conditionals. This is a free Python course which introduces learners to Python for Data Science and AI as well as programming in general. It is beginner friendly and takes you step-by-step from zero to proficiency in Python programming.


After this course, you know how to obtain, handle, and visualize data. You also know how to retrieve data into your Python program over the internet. After completing this course, you know how to think like a programmer.

Ultimately, the individual’s coding skills—certificated or not—are the most important element of the job hunt. Even so, having those certifications may help you stand out in a tech job market that might soon become much more competitive. This credential, the next level of certification offered by the Python Institute, proves to potential employers that you know your way around boolean values, object-oriented programming, and functions. Candidates can take how to become a python developer the PCEP certification exam online via OpenEDG Testing Service Program. The Python Institute has defined global certification tracks for the Python programming language and has developed an international Python programming examination standard. A powerful set of libraries available for game development, data science, and more. The StackOverflow’s developer survey of 2019 states that Python is the second most loved programming language in the world.

But Don’t You Offer Python Certifications?

The final course of the specialization combines everything you have learned. To make the most out of this course, you should have taken the previous courses in this specialization. You will learn a bunch of great strategies to tackle the problems in your code. In a nutshell, you learn how to approach almost any technical problem smartly. This course teaches you how to quickly track down and fix real-life IT issues. This specialization is for those who are interested in becoming IT specialists and using Python to solve problems. This course teaches you how to perform network requests to get data from third-party data sources on the internet.

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Instead, it is an entire Python specialization that consists of 5 related courses. Learn Python Programming Masterclass is another popular Python course on Udemy. With close to 400k participants and a 4.6-star rating, this course turns you into a professional Pythonista. This course also supports those with some background in Python looking to sharpen their skills.

Course 5: Configuration Management and the Cloud

This is useful in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and web development. The trainers taught the concepts from scratch and the study material really helped me understand the subject properly. This is good for beginners who are willing to upgrade their skills with this programming language. In this online Python training you will learn how to write Python code for Big Data systems like Hadoop and Spark. Get Python certification and gain hands-on experience by working on real-world projects. It is a very comprehensive course that covers all aspects of Python programming from foundational basics to control structures to data structures to object-oriented concepts.

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